Lakeside at Medford



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1.   A Resident should submit to the Property Manager, a properly completed

      Architectural Approval Application with all required documentation.


A.   If the application is incomplete or missing documentation, the Property Manager  

       will notify the resident of needed action or information.


B.   Property Manager will record submission of application, keep one set of the

       application & documentation and forward the remaining

       sets to the Architectural Committee Chair.


2.   The Architectural Committee will:

A.   Review applications.

B.   Schedule & conduct inspections, as needed with two or more committee members. 

       The property manager can be requested to attend an inspection.


C.   Supply a written Architectural Committee approval recommendation or opinions to

       the Property Manager.


3.    The Property Manager will present the Architectural Committee’s approval and

        recommendations to the Board of Trustees for final approval, conditions and/or



4.    The property manager will send the resident written notification  (executed

        application and/or letter) granting approvals, conditional approvals, denials, etc. as

        determined by the Board of Trustees.




1.  Let the resident explain their project and goals.


2.  Do not imply approval of a project.  Inform resident final  approval must be granted

      by the Board of Trustees and received in writing, BEFORE any work begins.


3.  Do not offer suggestions without informing resident said suggestion must also be

      reviewed and acceptable to the Architectural Committee as well as being acceptable

      to the Board of Trustees.