Lakeside at Medford

Canoe Usage & Storage Rules

                    Lakeside at Medford Homeowners Association



* All Canoes/Boats MUST Be Registered & MUST Display a LAM Sticker *



These Canoes Are Privately Owned By Lakeside at Medford Residents.


These Canoes Are For The Sole & Exclusive Use Of The Owners.


Any Unauthorized Use Will Be Considered Trespassing and Will Be Dealt

     with Accordingly.


All Canoes/Boats Must Be Secured With Locks.


All Canoes/Boats Must Be Stored Face Down.


Please Be Courteous -   Do Not Block Lake Access With Trailers While

                                                 Boating -   10 Minute Limit To Access Ramp.


Any Unregistered Canoe/Boat Will Be Removed From The Boat Rack.


Lifevest Should Be Worn At All Times.


All Trash Must Be Disposed Of Properly – DO NOT THROW TRASH IN LAKE!


PARENTS:  You Are Responsible For The Actions Of Your Children.



                          Lakeside at Medford Management - (609) 220-8302


                       Report Any Violations, Vandalism or Trespassing To

                                          Medford Police At (609) 654-7511


                          IN  THE  EVENT  OF  AN  EMERGENCY,  CALL  911 


     For canoe/boat registration and/or boat rack storage,

     please complete and submit Canoe Registration Form

                               at the following link:

                                  AGREEMENT FOR USE OF CANOE RACKS.doc