Lakeside at Medford

Key Lakeside Deed Restrictions





     The following constitutes a brief summary, highlighting just some of the  Key Provisions of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (as

 amended) and By-Laws (as amended) of Lakeside at Medford.    Each owner

 should review their complete set of documents that should be a part of every

 owner’s title report.


  1. Every person who acquires a lot/home at Lakeside at Medford will become a Member of the Homeowner’s Association and subject to the terms of the Declaration of covenants and Restrictions.


  1. An architectural review committee (hereafter known as “committee”) must approve each individual pool, outbuilding (shed), deck, dock, child’s playhouse or play equipment, tennis court, fence, wall, landscaping, sign or other structural improvement.  Applications must be submitted to the committee on a form available from the property manager.  Please allow 30 days from date of submitting your information to the committee for processing.   Please note, the Township sends the Association a notice of anyone applying for a permit. 


  1. No tents, trailers, commercial vehicles, storage tanks or temporary or accessory buildings can be erected and remain on any property for more than 10 days without approval of the committee.


  1. No boats, recreational vehicles or motor vehicles other than four wheel passenger automobiles and non-commercial vehicles can be parked or stored on any lot within view of any common area.  No repair or maintenance of any type can occur upon vehicles.


  1. No artificial grass, plants or vegetation can be placed upon a lot without the approval of the committee.  Each lot is limited to a maximum of 2,000 square feet of non-Pinlelands grass.

  1. No animals, livestock or poultry of any type can be raised or bred on any lot.  No breeding of dogs or cats is permitted and no poisonous snakes or exotic animals can be maintained on any lot.


  1. Row boats 16 (sixteen) feet and under may be operated with a single battery electric trolling engine no larger than 12 volts.  These vehicles shall be operated at only slow speeds, causing no wake, and shall not be operated near any designated swimming area.  Batteries or motors used with these vehicles shall not be stored on any Lakeside at Medford Common Area or Property.


  1. Inflatable devices including, but not limited to, islands, trampolines, aqua logs and aqua slides, shall be prohibited on any Lakeside at Medford lake with the exception of personal floatation devices capable of supporting a maximum of 2 (two) persons.


  1. All antennae, CB, satellite dish receivers, etc. must be installed in such a way as NOT to be visible from any common area.


  1. No machinery or other device may be stored or used by any lot owner if it 

      creates a nuisance by way of noise, aesthetics, vibration or architectural 



  1. All dwelling unit exteriors and lots must be maintained in a neat and

Attractive manner and kept in good repair.


12.      Any dwelling unit owner desiring to alter the landscaping upon a lot must first obtain the approval of the committee.


13.      No disturbance of the wetlands buffer is permitted.


14.      No maintenance or storage of toxic, hazardous or petroleum products is permitted.


15.      No lot may be subdivided without the approval of the original owner of the property.


16.      Any necessary easements for utilities shall be approved by unit owners wherever necessary to service residential units.


17.      Any repairs or improvements required to the exterior of a unity must be accomplished by the unit owner.  If the unit owner fails to complete the required repairs within 30 days after notice from the homeowners association, the homeowners association may repair or correct the condition at the expense of the unit owner and assess all expenses and an attorney’s fee up to 50% of the cost of the work performed.  The homeowner’s association may impose a lien against the unit owners property for the cost of the repair.  Exterior maintenance may be performed by the homeowner’s association on any lot between the hours of

8:00 am and 6:00 pm without prior notice.


18.      No cutting of trees or installation of improvements which impacts on drainage or

blocks common area views is permitted.


19.      Any unit damaged by fire or other casualty must be repaired within six months.


20.      Homeowners may keep more than one dog or cat or other common household pet as long as the pets are not bred maintained for any commercial purpose.


    21.  No outside drying lines visible from any common area, including from a

           lake roadway or adjoining lot shall be erected or used on any property.


22.   No snowmobiles, mini-bikes, all terrain vehicles, or other forms of  

       motorized off- road vehicles may be operated within Lakeside at Medford

       common areas.



23.   All vehicles must have a current license plate and inspection sticker.


    24.  In the event a lot is cleared within 50 feet of a common area trail, the lot   

           shall be restored to the greatest extent practical to its original and natural

           vegetative condition by the lot owner.  In no event shall fences be

           constructed any closer than 10 feet of a common area trail.  In addition, no

           building, shed , swimming pool or any  other structure may be constructed

           within 25 feet of a common area trail.


25.    Where a non-flag lot abuts a flag lot, certain set-backs from the flag lot’s   

         Property lines, have been established as a buffer to protect the flag lot. 

         Where a non-flag lot abuts a flag lot, rear yard set-backs will be that no

         fence, building, swimming pool, or other structure can be built within 50

         feet of the flag lot.  Side yard set-backs will be that no fence, building,    

         swimming pool, or other structure can be built within 25 feet of the flag

         lot.  To preserve and protect the flag Lot Owner’s use and enjoyment of his

         lot, no development or disturbance within the setback areas will be

         permitted without prior written consent of  the flag Lot Owner.

         Supplemental plantings will be permitted within the setback area with prior

         written consent of the flag Lot Owner, which consent shall not be

         unreasonably  withheld.