Lakeside at Medford

NOTICE - Motorized Vehicles - PROHIBITED USES

                  IMPORTANT NOTICE




*    Please Be Advised, that the operation of   ALL Off-Road Motorized

      Vehicles, including All-Terrain Vehicles, Motorized Dirt Bikes, and the like,

      on or within any Lakeside at Medford common property, or open space, 



·   The  Association will assess a $500 per violation fine as provided

   in Lakeside at Medford’s Covenants & Restrictions.   The cost to

    repair damages may also be assessed.


·   These vehicles are prohibited everywhere in Medford Township, other

   than an owner’s personal property.  (There is an area in Shamong where    

   they are permitted.  Please call Medford Police for information.)  


·   These vehicles cause incalculable damage to our habitat, trails and open

   space.  These areas are intended for the protection of nature and wildlife   

   habitats, as well as for the enjoyment of all residents.  They are not

   meant to be destroyed.


·   The use of these vehicles on Lakeside at Medford property puts the

   Association legally “at risk” and is not permitted under our insurance    



·   The Lakeside at Medford HOA will take all steps necessary to uphold the

   law, to protect our property and preserve the natural environment that all

   residents are entitled to enjoy.


·   The Medford Police have advised the Association to notify residents of

   these facts and to instruct  residents witnessing the use of these vehicles

   to call them.    Residents may also immediately call the Association

   Manager, Joan Markey (609) 220-8302.


·   The Association will file a complaint against anyone it finds engaged in this

   prohibited activity on Lakeside at Medford property or Medford Township

   public streets within our community.