Lakeside at Medford

Spring Time Reminders


  LAKESIDE AT MEDFORD                                                   SPRING TIME REMINDERS


  1. HOME & LANDSCAPE IMPROVMENTS – Remember all  landscaping & home projects require approval from the Lakeside At Medford Architectural Committee & Board of Trustees. 

             Call Joan Markey (609) 220-8302, for an "Architectural Application" form,

             or copy from website:


  1.  OFF-ROAD MOTORIZED VEHICLES – All types are strictly prohibited on Lakeside at Medford common property & Twp. streets.


  1.  DOGS – Medford Township has and ordinance that dogs owners must “pick-up” and properly dispose of dog feces.  It has been brought to our attention children are stepping in same along the roadside.  It also can cause illness in dogs smelling feces not picked-up.  The Township also has a leash law that requires you to keep your dog on a leash or contained in a fenced in area.


  1. TENNIS COURTS – Court usage should be limited to one (1) hour if there is anyone waiting to use the courts.  Please be courteous to your fellow tennis players and share the courts as well as clean up any debris.  Follow tennis court rules as posted.


  1. SPRINKLERS – Please remember when positioning and timing your sprinklers that people will be walking around the neighborhood more in the nice weather.


  1. SPRAYING – If you have your yard sprayed for pests, please notify your neighbors before doing so in case someone is sensitive to  chemical exposure.


  1. TRASH – If you see trash on any of the common areas (tennis courts, playgrounds, paths, beaches), it would be most kind of you to pick it up and dispose of if in the nearest provided receptacle.  If you see large amounts of trash, please call Joan at 6(09) 220-8302 to report it so we can keep the common grounds looking their best.


  1. BEACH – There are to be NO campfires at the beach.  There are to be no gatherings at the beach after dark.


  1. BOATING & FISHING – Please follow these guidelines:
    1. No gasoline powered boats.
    2. Be aware of and adhere to the Boating Rules as posted at the boat racks and attached here.
    3. Practice “catch and release” when fishing. 
    4. There is a designated “fishing area” near the beach at the peninsula.

               Please fish at the peninsula when there are swimmers at the beach.


    10.  MULCHING – Mulch should not be mounded at the base of trees or                          

            shrubs.  Mulch mounds are very detrimental to the health of

            trees/shrubs, suffocating them and providing cover to rodents who

            damage tree trunks.  Mulch should never be more than 3 inches thick. 

            Don’t overpay landscapers in material & labor only to harm your 



  1. DRIVING – For the safety of all our neighbors, please obey the speed

              limits.  We receive numerous complaints from Lakeside and

              neighboring community residents about speeding.  Speeding can

              be reported to Medford Police with license plate number & driver



            Thank you for your courteous attention to these reminders.